Over the years my music taste has changed drastically, I’ve gone from artist to artist listening to song after song the genres changing each time. At this moment in my life, I haven’t got a favourite artist/band etc and the genres of music I listen to vary all the time. This is sometimes a fault knowing that I will never be able to specially value one artist but on the other hand it gives me a very varied music taste and because of this I know a lot of different artists. In this post I thought I’d talk about ten songs that will always stick out for me, I may not know all of the songs by the artist or I might be a huge fan but these are the ten songs that you will always find me listening to.


  1. Til The Casket Drops – ZZ Ward

‘You asked me how long I’d stay by your side, so I answered with just one reply’

I know this song through the TV show ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ as it was on one of their season premiers. As soon as I saw it on the premier I immediately loved the song from there. The song fitted the show so well and because of that I had to give it another listen…And another. Through this I began to listen to other songs of ZZ Ward, gaining other favourites like ‘If I could be her’ and ‘365 days.’

  1. Toothbrush –DNCE

‘Cause I just, I just can’t let you go.’

I’m not a huge DNCE fan as I only found them through ‘Cake by the Ocean’ another song which I really loved but I can easily say I love this song much more. Everything about it is great from the vocals to the music video itself. I haven’t listened to many other DNCE songs apart from these two but will do soon.


  1. Blue – Marina and the diamonds

‘Gimme love, Gimme dreams, Gimme a good self-esteem…’

I love this song so much I went to Dreamland in Margate where the music video was filmed. This is one of the songs where I really love the artist and have for a while now. I have loved Marina since Electra Heart was released and she still carries on bringing out great songs.

  1. Jerome – Zella Day

‘Blue dress, faded black. Look me in my eyes as they close.’

This is easily one of my favourite songs of all time, but many of the people I know don’t know who Zella Day is. If you ever get to listen to this song, I promise it’s worth it(well if it’s the type of music you like).

  1. Sex – Eden

‘No I don’t know how to forget you…’

I obviously only know this song off of vine and I don’t know the band very well but I could listen to this upbeat song on repeat for almost forever.

  1. Not On Drugs – Tove Lo

‘I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love.’

A more well-known song, but still a song that doesn’t get enough recognition. I only know a few of Tove Lo’s songs but this easily one of my favourites.

  1. The One That Got Away – The Civil Wars

‘If I could go back in time when you only held me in my mind’

I rememeber going out to buy The Civil Wars album just for this song alone, it’s much more of a dark song but is equally as beautiful. I’ve gone on to listen to a lot more of their songs another one of my favourites being ‘Poison and Wine,’ everything they have produced is just so calming.

3.The Mother We Share – CHVRCHES

‘I’m in misery where you can see I’m as old as your omens’

I tried to get into CHVRCHES but I only found that I like this song and I have liked it for so long now. The lyrics are so well written and I might try and get into the band later on in the future.

2.Goodbye to Yesterday – Elina Born and Stig Rasta

‘My love was never gonna be enough.’

A song from Eurovision had to make the list. This song by the duo representing Estonia I have hardly stopped singing for the past years. One of the greatest ever Eurovision songs with lyrics such as ‘as I got outside I smiled to the dog.’

1. From the Backseat – Lucy Hale

‘But you learn to love from the backseat.’

I haven’t ranked any of the songs, just put them in a random order but this is the only one which I will rank. This song by Lucy Hale has to be my favourite of all time. It’s a Summer anthem that I listen to all year round and seeing as Lucy is one of my favourite actors aswell I can’t wait to see what music she releases in the future.I hope you check out some of these songs and thanks for reading!





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