There is nothing I love more than conspiracy theories… (Well apart from Bates Motel), so this blog post will be a few of my favourite theories of which I think are either really spooky or I truly believe in.




The Mandela Effect has to be one of the most well-known and talked about conspiracy theory at this moment in time. The Mandela Effect is a theory of parallel universes, the idea of which being that many people have similar memories that differ to the facts. The parallel universe side comes into this as people believe that because so many people believe something to be true, the fabric of reality must have shifted at some point in the past. This means that in one universe the things we were led to believe were true and that is why we still have memories of them. It’s believed that we are constantly changing between parallel universes.

Examples of this are;


This is the example that explains where the name actually came from. Many people believed that Nelson Mandela died when he was in prison, people even saying ‘Both my wife and I remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison. Included in this memory are the funeral snippets on TV and a legal flap over book rights involving his widow.’ But of course, Madela’s actual death was in 2013.


Many remember the iconic phrase in Snow White being ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall,’ however that has never been true. The phrase that is said into the mirror is ‘Magic Mirror on the wall.’ Strange…


Now this is the one I was majorly shocked about, this has to be one of the phrases that made me believe in the Mandela Effect the most. The line from Star Wars which was thought to be ‘Luke I am your father,’ is actually ‘No, I am your father.’

Of course there is a lot more, some of which will shock you majorly. This has to be one of my favourite conspiracies.



This has been a quite well known theory for a long while now and even though new evidence keeps pouring in – people never seem to give up on this theory. The People’s Princess was killed in a car crash resulting from overzealous paparazzi in Paris, the world wanted to know more. It was hard to believe that a well-loved character could die so easily so it wasn’t soon until the theories came up. People believe that Diana was pregnant and planning to marry her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed and planning to become Muslim which would have worried the Royal Family. Others believe that the Royals wanted her out of the way so that everyone would support the remarriage of Prince Charles. And of course there are some people who believe she faked her death to get out of the spotlight.


3.       9/11

One of the biggest theories that has had constant talks since it happened. The attacks on 9/11 were one of the most dreadful things to happen, but some believe that what we’re told was not the full story. Theories are always around the US Government on the events that happened on September 11, 2001. Most state that either Bush administration had knowledge of the attacks and didn’t do anything or that he orchestrated the whole thing himself. Both versions state that it was believed that Bush wanted more power quickly and support of the people. It’s been said that the World Trade Centre came down because of planted explosives, that a plane didn’t crash into the Pentagon and that Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania due to being shot down. This theory was fuelled when Donald Rumsfeld accidently said during a 2004 speech that terrorists shot it down.


These are only a few theories and of course there are so many more, more growing each and every day. These are the most popular ones I know of and ones that I believe have some truth to it.

 Thanks again for reading



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