As soon as I saw this tag, I immediately wanted to do it. I see myself as quite an optimistic person and generally happy. I have good friends, an incredible family and have basically nothing to be down about so why shouldn’t I constantly have a smile on my face? So here are my top 50 things that make me happy…


1.       Paris. The place dreams are made of.

2.       Having TV marathons, especially Bates Motel and Grey’s Anatomy.

3.       Spending time with my family.

4.       Shopping.

5.       Waking up on a weekend and thinking it’s a weekday, the realisation is one of the greatest feelings.

6.       Going out with friends.

7.       Twitter.

8.       Reading a good book. I have to say I don’t think anything will beat Wuthering Heights in my eyes.

9.       Halloween, my favourite time of year.

10.   Anything Disney.

11.   Travelling, exploring the world is one of the greatest things.

12.   Going on adventures with friends or family.

13.   Going on holiday, whether it be abroad or in country.

14.   Buying new pyjamas, it’s a luxury in itself.

15.   The smell of freshly washed clothes.

16.   Finding a new TV show to watch.

17.   Making progress for the future.

18.   Achieving target grades.

19.   Making someone else happy.

20.   Eurovision.

21.   TV couples finally getting together.

22.   The weekend.

23.   Summer.

24.   Christmas.

25.   Autumn.

26.   The sound of rain.

27.   The smell of freshly cut grass.

28.   Making a good playlist.

29.   Getting a new foundation that isn’t rubbish.

30.   Buying new stationary.

31.   Fairy lights.

32.   Pastel colours.

33.   Piercings.

34.   Clean makeup brushes.

35.   Buying new glasses.

36.   Finally finding the perfect perfume.

37.   Inspirational and cute quotes.

38.   Bates Motel (even though it’s debatable it always makes me happy, let’s just say there’s a few moments).

39.   Norma Bates and Alex Romero.

40.   Making new friends.

41.   Taking good pictures.

42.   Musicals.

43.   Having clear skin (even though it’s usually for one day only)

44.   The beach.

45.   Eyeliner.

46.   Stranger Things.

47.   Lush bath products.

48.   Blogging.

49.   School holidays.

50.   And looking towards the future.


Sorry this was so short but I wanted to join in and share with you some great things that I absolutely love. Keep a look out for a longer post in the next week but bye for now!



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