This post is way too long overdue and I really need to start getting myself into a schedule where I post regularly but anyways…

Last month it was my sixteenth birthday and for the weekend following up to it I went on a trip to London with my family. I always enjoy going to London mainly because I’m a big city person, I love shopping, people watching etc.



As soon as we got into London we headed straight for the hotel but with the street being so close of course we had to make a slight detour to North Gower Street to as per usual check out the spot where Sherlock (BBC) is filmed. It’s like whenever I go past it I’m a magpie seeing something shiny.

Cr-3f0zW8AAZ3GK (2).jpg


Of course today was going to be a day of sightseeing and shopping, my two favourites. Firstly, we had a quick stop at Starbucks to get energy up then headed Bond Street. This is where I had my first surprise of the day. As soon as we headed down the street I was gravitating towards the Tiffany’s shop because, don’t we all? I was very happy window shopping but soon enough I was made to go inside even though I felt extremely underdressed to be heading into a shop which has somebody open the door for you and bottles of champagne lingering around on tables. The surprise of course was when my mom asked me to try on a necklace I liked and then asked if I wanted it. I can’t remember what facial expression I pulled or what I even said but it was most likely embarrassing and funny to watch.


The next surprise I had was when we’re heading on shopping, clinging on tightly to my Tiffany’s bag, you’d have thought the queen’s gold was stashed in there, I got pulled into the Jo Malone shop. I spent a long amount of time testing each individual bottle but finally ended up falling in love with the new fragrance of Basil & Neroli which just smells like heaven in a bottle.


After heading for some dinner the main event was soon arriving. The reason I had so badly want to come to London was to see Wicked the Musical again especially when my favourite actress Rachel Tucker was back on the West End. Once again as per usual she was incredible and so was the show, as soon as the cast waved goodbye I straight away wanted to buy tickets to see it again. It’s like a drug.




On Sunday I spent another day shopping this time heading for the shops like Harrods and soon enough when my feet were aching and I was nearly falling asleep we decided to call it a day and head home.



My actual birthday! Of course it wasn’t extremely exciting as the day was spent mostly at school but after that I headed out for a meal with my best friend and family where I got this incredible cake.



I had an incredible birthday with family and friends and of course I was spoilt to my heart’s content. I can’t wait for what this year brings and roll on my 17th!


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