Finally, I’m posting more often, maybe now I’ll be able to manage a post a week like I intended on doing in the first place. Anyway, lets dive in!


Buying makeup strangely isn’t one of my favourite things to do.

I only tend to buy drugstore cosmetics as I know the higher priced products like MAC aren’t going to suit my skin at all and I don’t want to waste money knowing it’s just going to let me down. I have a few products that I could not live without and have constantly been rebuying as I could never get enough of them. Here’s a quick insight to what’s in my makeup bag –





I am one of the whitest people out there so I’m glad that Rimmel has a foundation that suits my skin colour but doesn’t make me look extremely ill. The foundation has a good coverage and doesn’t stick to the dry patches of my skin. I’ve tried many foundations before and I just find this one my favourite because it’s not some miracle worker that can claim on covering all acne or being able to heal your skin while it’s at work, it does its job while still allowing my skin to breathe.



I remember hearing about how NYX had just arrived at Boots and how hyped up everyone was about it but I hadn’t a clue. After searching around I looked and could suddenly agree that the products they do were good for the prices they charge. I decided on picking up the XXL mascara for a change in my normal routine and as soon as I applied it for the first time, I had only one thought – ‘This mascara is God’s gift.’ I find my eyelashes to be extremely light and whenever I have brought mascaras before it seems as if even if I applied 100 layers you still wouldn’t notice a difference. I think this cost around £7 but it’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever purchased.



Having a moisturising routine is an absolute necessity to me and I don’t know how people survive without one. I’ve tried many different cleansers and creams but when it comes to basics, Nivea day and night creams are my favourite. I know for sure without applying day cream of a morning there is no way that my foundation would go onto my face and without having my night cream I would constantly feel in pain. If you haven’t got a moisturising routine and want to start simple then these are the products you need.


These products are my go to ones and the others while great, aren’t something that need to be shouted about. I would love to know if you have any products that work for you that I could try out and if you ever give any of these a try, be sure to tell me!

Sorry it’s late, but if you have any blog ideas be sure to tell me, see you next time!




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