November is a strange month because nothing becomes of it. Halloween has passed and Christmas is still just over a month away so you just end up with late nights waiting to get out the Christmas tree and waiting for the time to stuff your face with food without feeling as guilty as you normally would. November for me has been very uneventful, school and medications the only things going on in my life but still through all of it of course I have my favourite things that I have brought or tried out this month. Here they are:


There’s nothing better than walking into your room and it smelling gorgeous. My mom gave me a new diffuser from Marks & Spencers and it’s the greatest thing in my life. I’ve had it for around two weeks now and my room constantly smells heavenly. The scent itself is orange and ginger, a smell that I wouldn’t usually go for but after having this I would. Most of it has run out now which is a shame because I’ve had it for such a short period but that’s probably because it’s constantly filling the room. I’m going to make sure I get another one of these from M&S aswell as trying out Zoella’s range.

On the smelly side of things, my favourite perfume this month was the Jo Malone Basil& Neroli cologne. I had this for my birthday a few months back, but its only recently that I have started wearing it more. The scent itself was quite new in when I received it and just like the diffuser I had, reading the bottle I wouldn’t have thought I would have enjoyed the smell. I was wrong. It’s fresh and floral and even though it intends on lasting the whole day, it’s not too overpowering. I do love all Jo Malone perfumes so I intend on getting another one soon.

 Next up is clothes purchases! A few weeks ago, there was a massive sale on at Missguided with 50% off everything! I felt as if I didn’t buy something it would be a crime against nature. At the time, I didn’t have much money so I brought myself a black jumpsuit and a Christmas jumper. The black all in one is so pretty words cannot even describe it, it’s lace and is so detailed. I don’t have a picture of it because it’s so thin and dark coloured that it’s hard to photo.


The Christmas jumper I brought I have pictured though, I can’t stop myself from buying Christmas jumpers. I buy a new one every year, wear it one day and the cycle goes on. However, I do love the new one I have, the red is such a bold colour and one of my favourites. I always like to go away from the generic Christmas jumpers so this one will be great for when Santa comes to visit.  Another fashion favourite is my scarf that I brought from Miss Selfridge last year. I know it’s not new but as the cold weather has been coming around it’s the only scarf that you will find me wearing. I love it because it goes with everything and I’m so glad I found it out again this year.


Onto everything else, my favourite book this month would be Alexa Chung’s IT that I brought a while back but I’ve only got around to reading now. I love everything about this book and would recommend it to anybody who loves fashion.  My last favourite for this month was How to Get Away With Murder. I’ve only just started show and at this moment in time I’m nearing the end of Season 2, but I love it so much. I’ve watched Grey’s, Private Practice, started HTGAWM and I intend next to move onto Scandal.

Be sure to tell me what your favourites were from this month and if you liked anything I did!




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