Since I started High School I suffered with cystic acne something that many teenagers have put up with. Severe acne can cause self esteem to be lowered and increases in anxiety and depression. In the past few weeks I’ve spoke to people who have suffered with different types of severe acne. This blog post is trying to break the stigma of what people believe acne to be and what people who have to suffer want to get of their chest.

“i only started wearing makeup after i developed chronic acne.” (@tououfive twitter)
Something that is constantly in the media all the time, I have come across many articles about this and because I developed acne at the same time I started wearing makeup I did think it had some correlation. It doesn’t. Things to do with makeup can cause acne like not taking your makeup off, not cleaning makeup brushes or anything you apply your makeup with. If you already have acne there are certain types of makeup that could irritate your skin but no, makeup cannot cause acne.

“before i knew much about acne, my friends and family would tell me i was wearing too much make-up and that was what was causing my acne.
i started to believe it but i couldn’t stop now?
i went into school one day with minimal make-up on and countless people and teachers asked me if i was feeing well because they described me as looking “ill”.
that was the last time i would ever wear so little make-up out of fear of being judged and reducing my self-esteem.” (kimberley)

Acne can be a few pimples that won’t leave your chin to massive cysts that cover full sections of your face. It can not be that severe that you only really get it every once in a blue moon or it can be really severe and every day you have the same old struggle. Just because somebody has clear skin one day doesn’t mean they don’t have acne. Acne is a long process and if you’re lucky, you grow out of it for some people it’s just a case of having good days and bad days.

Acne is in the category of things some people are most conscious of. If you don’t have acne and complain about every so often having a few spots and how annoying that is, how you get frustrated when they won’t go away imagine having that on a long term scale where if you mess with the spots on your face they’ll forever leave a scar.
”I would like to not perceived us as we uglier that the others, just because we have acne.” (‪@cutielodovica twitter)‬

It’s an effort going on medication after medication, getting your hopes up to have them ripped back down. It constantly feels like you’re having a battle with yourself, wondering why you have to be the one to get it and if there’s something you have done to cause it. You have people who will say that they can’t notice anything, that your skin looks “fine” which is nice of course but you know they’re blatantly lying to your face and then there are the people who speak to the spots on your face rather than to you.
people can be cruel.
“i got told i look like a burn victim once because of the bumpiness of my skin.” (kimberley)

“i think more than anything its frustrating, ive been on so many meds that have done nothing and ive spent so much money on products that do nothing” (@tououfive twitter)
Doctors say to fix your diet. They tell you to try skin products. They say it’s due to your hormones. They say to try one medication. Then another. Then another. However, it’s hard to tell what causes acne and therefore it’s hard to give something that will help it because sometimes nothing will. For me, roaccutane is helping my skin but it’s not fully fixing it. I’m left with scars on my face and a redness that just won’t budge but maybe that’s how my skin will now be, but i’ll talk more about that in my skin diaries.

“i still have breakouts.
i still have bad skin days.
i still don’t have the “perfect” skin.

but i am much more in control of it now than i ever was.”

Thank you for reading.



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